Our party was an awesome success. We're having you back next year.
—Universal Music Group

You are what made the event memorable. A thousand thanks!
—Apple Computers

Wow! Our boss is still talking about your show.
—Nascar Corporate Offices

We've had rave reviews about your great entertainment last night. Your show made our event a great success. It was perfect!
—Capital Wealth Management


Watching you perform is like watching a Ninja in action. You slip in, destroy your targets, then slip out unharmed.
—Bill Pullman

You're very talented. And handsome. But mostly talented.
—Holly Hunter

I’ve seen your show twice. You are a true artist.
—Lucy Liu

Approaches brilliance.
—Buck Henry

My wife and I hate magic, but we loved your show.
—J.K. Simmons

Amazing sleight of hand!
—Michael Jackson

Oh... my... god! You have a twisted mind. Very funny, my friend.
—Jason Alexander

Of course you can quote me.
—Morgan Freeman