Jack's Magic

At private parties and corporate events, Handsome Jack mingles with the crowd, performs expert sleight of hand, and allows the guests to touch the hem of his garment. He uses everyday objects such as playing cards, pencils, or dollar bills to defy the known laws of the physical universe. This purest form of magic, combined with his charming wit, adds to the festive atmosphere, infusing energy into any party or function.

Whether performing for crowds of 50 or 1500, Handsome Jack has audiences rolling in the aisles and gasping with amazement, all without the use of vapid assistants, bad choreography, or pigeons yanked from his sleeves. He takes time-honored plots and gives them fresh twists, performing routines you will never see any other magician do. Jack's show is built from an innovative combination of sleight of hand, off-beat humor, audience participation, and mind-blowing illusions.